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Silk Garden Lite Discontinued

Silk Garden Lite 2193

Silk Garden Lite has been one of the main yarns in the Noro stable for many years. It is a slightly lighter weight yarn that Noro’s classic Silk Garden, coming in at about Double Knit weight, rather than the heavier Worsted weight of Silk Garden. With the same composition (45% silk, 45% kid mohair, 10% lambswool) and slow colour changes as Silk Garden, it’s been a great addition to the range.

One of my favourite uses for Silk Garden Lite was in this set of four (or more!) Mix’n’Match Baby Booties.

Silk Garden Lite Mix'n'Match Baby Booties

When my babies were little finding matching booties was often a struggle, so with four (at least) in the set, this made life easier on a day-to-day basis!

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry.

Other pattern ideas for this beautiful yarn can be browsed here.

However, sadly this yarn is now discontinued! I’m so sad to see it go, but so happy to have known it!

So, everything we have in store at the moment is all we can get. There will not be any more 🙁

Here’s a link to what is still available on our website.

Get in quick! I’ll be sure to be getting some myself….

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New Hand-painted Yarns

We’ve just listed some new hand-painted yarns, dyed in-house (well, actually, just out of the house!).

These are strictly limited editions of five skeins per batch! The current series were inspired by the hot dry summer we are having, and with a bit of ‘celebrity’ culture.

Here are the yarns!

Hot Enough For Ya?

Hot Enough For Ya? emerged from a high of 38.1C. The landscape is dry, with just glimmers of green here and there, and always the threat of fire.

Conserve Water

Conserve Water was the reminder given when our well started to run dry. Inspired by clean fresh water, with a few extra colour blings to take our minds off the worries.

Kanye West? Never Heard of Her

Kanye West? Never Heard of Her was inspired by some recent controversy (there seems to have been a lot over the years) and one of my favourite Dave Grohl memes, as can be seen on t-shirts from a variety of sources. I don’t think Dave ever said such a thing, but it makes me smile.

Dee Gees

Dee Gees pays tribute to the fun of the Foo Fighter’s spin-off band honoring the Bee Gees. Great times for all. And coincidently, the colours are not unlike in a video of one of the songs included on that album, Hail Satin… You Should Be Dancing. This yarn was dyed with this playing in my head, so of course, it had to be named this! All Hail Dave Grohl – he’s My Hero!


75% wool, 25% nylon
4 ply Superwash
Needle Size: 2.75 – 3.25 mm
Tension: 26-28 sts x 36 rows per 10 cm/4 inches
Length: 400 m per 100 gm
Gentle Machine Wash

You can find them here.

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Notes on Zealana yarns

Zealana yarns

Zealana yarns are some of the finest I’ve ever come across. Milled by Woolyarns in the Wellington region of New Zealand they predominantly feature natural fibres, and luxury ones at that.

NZ fine merino, NZ brushtail possum fibre, NZ cashmere, and silk.

These are all luxurious fibres.

One of the things I appreciate most about these yarns is the quality of their engineering. Possum fibre is notoriously difficult to spin – it is a short fibre and prone to shedding or pilling. I’ve found that even after several years of wear, garments made with Zealana yarns maintain their ‘fresh’ clean, new, look. I have made garments with similar compositions of fibres as Zealana’s merino/possum yarns, but produced by another mill. However, I’ve been rather disappointed in how quickly they’ve pilled and ended up looking shabby.

Including silk in some of their yarns also gives a beautiful sheen to the fibres. This is enhanced as it’s worked up into a garment. All of the fibres used in Zealana yarns are very soft and non-scratchy, which makes the final products very comfortable to wear.

Zealana also have a commitment to environmental considerations:

“At Woolyarns, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is designed to minimise our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations. Our EMS is based on the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard and is aligned with the principles of sustainability, including reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting environmental stewardship.”

You can read more about Woolyarns and their sustainability here.

The Zealana yarns range includes

Kauri Worsted

Kauri Fingering

Rimu DK

Kiwi Fingering

Kiwi Laceweight


Air Laceweight

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Welcome to the new Mynx String Therapy website!

New website
Noro yarn

After a few years of procrastination we have finally taken the plunge and renovated the entire Mynx String Therapy website! We’ve moved to an entirely different platform, and new server. Hopefully this will get around some frustrating issues we have had in the past.

It is, however, a big task to get all our stock relisted! So please bear with us, we are working on this bit by bit, but our staple, favourite yarn, Noro, has been given priority. Some other yarns will be dropping by the wayside.

Some products may not make it into the new shop. Eg, if there are just a few balls left of a now discontinued yarn it is not worth the effort of creating a new listing. So, if there is something you’ve had before but isn’t on the site, drop us an enquiry.

We will be continuing to specialise in beautiful yarns and threads to fuel your creativity, along with accessories and tools. Our focus will continue to be on natural fibres and quality products that will reward your efforts with wonderful finished products.

Overall, we hope the new site will provide a better experience for all users. We are able to add more details, photos, and cross-references. Now we can also support our products with more news, images, and blog posts. If you have any finished projects you’ve made with products purchased from us that we could feature, please feel free to get in touch!

We hope you enjoy browsing the new website and find something you love. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and have a look at what we have to offer!

We are also on Instagram @mynxstringtherapy and Facebook, should you wish to keep up with our news there.

Mynx Hand-painted Moms Gone Mad
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