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Silk Garden Lite Discontinued

Silk Garden Lite 2193

Silk Garden Lite has been one of the main yarns in the Noro stable for many years. It is a slightly lighter weight yarn that Noro’s classic Silk Garden, coming in at about Double Knit weight, rather than the heavier Worsted weight of Silk Garden. With the same composition (45% silk, 45% kid mohair, 10% lambswool) and slow colour changes as Silk Garden, it’s been a great addition to the range.

One of my favourite uses for Silk Garden Lite was in this set of four (or more!) Mix’n’Match Baby Booties.

Silk Garden Lite Mix'n'Match Baby Booties

When my babies were little finding matching booties was often a struggle, so with four (at least) in the set, this made life easier on a day-to-day basis!

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry.

Other pattern ideas for this beautiful yarn can be browsed here.

However, sadly this yarn is now discontinued! I’m so sad to see it go, but so happy to have known it!

So, everything we have in store at the moment is all we can get. There will not be any more 🙁

Here’s a link to what is still available on our website.

Get in quick! I’ll be sure to be getting some myself….

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New Noro Shipment In

New Noro June 2023

Right in the middle of our winter a wonderful, colourful new shipment of Noro has arrived! It is full of inspiration.

There are eight new shades of the old favourite 100% wool yarn Kureyon, and two new shades of the classic Silk Garden (45% silk, 45% mohair, and 10% wool). The colours of the Kureyon are so vibrant and I particularly love the dark shades amongst them.

Colour 90 is just my cup of tea, and colour 457 with it’s stunning yellow/mustard shades would be a great contrast for something with dark vibes.

Along with these the new Noro Magazine Issue 22 has arrived! As always, it’s crammed with some wonderful patterns to show case the amazing yarns in the Noro range. You’ll also find some great articles and interviews.

At the time of writing the new magazine is not featured on the official website yet but when it is you will find the patterns (and any errata!) here.

Noro Magazine 22
Noro Magazine 22

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s drizzly and cool here. Perfect for picking up some delicious yarn, a colourful magazine, and planning a new project!

You can find the magazines here: Noro Magazines

And now allow me to introduce you to the yarns themselves….

You can browse the full Kureyon range here: Noro Kureyon

You can browse the full Silk Garden range here: Silk Garden