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Noro Magazine features colourful eye-candy for knitters and crocheters alike! These magazines showcase Noro’s vibrant yarns in a range of garments and accessories.

Each edition features 30+ patterns in knitting and crochet. You will also find articles on the yarns, interviews with designers and details of new yarns.

You can find errata here: Noro Magazine


Many, many years ago, Eisaku Noro took a leap of faith. Trusting his experience and knowledge, his instincts and determination, he envisioned creating a yarn like no other. So many exuberant entrepreneurial moments like this end without success, but not this one. We can only imagine how hard Mr. Noro worked to market a yarn so overtly individual and carve a growing niche in a hand-knitting market dominated by single-color balls and skeins.

Speaking for the knitters of the world, we say: Bravo, Mr. Noro! Your vision inspires us: We are mesmerized as stitch after stitch forms and falls from our needles. We expect the unexpected, crave the next color, and are often hopelessly addicted. Our editors are voracious Noro knitters, so putting together this magazine has been an exciting experience for us. We congratulate the talented designers who embraced the unique qualities of Noro yarns, experimented with shape and form, color and construction, and created such inspiring results.”

Please note that if only a magazine is ordered it will be sent via standard post as this is the most economical method.

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