Strand Superfine Yarn 10 m


Strand is a great quality 3-ply yarn grown and processed in New Zealand. This blend of corriedale wool (sheep) and angora fibre (goats) is great for durable projects with a great finish.


Strand Superfine Yarn is a great quality 3-ply yarn, grown and processed in New Zealand. This blend of corriedale wool (sheep) and angora fibre (goats) is suitable for durable projects with a great finish.

This was originally developed as a thread for embroidery, canvas work, needlepoint and the like.  However, this yarn is also very suitable for weaving, knitting, and crochet.

Strand Superfine Yarn is available in a  great range of colours. These 10 m skeins can be combined with the 25 g balls, if your project needs greater quantities of any particular colours.

50% NZ wool and 50% NZ angora.

Each skein is 10 m.

Ideal for embroidery, needlepoint etc.

Use ~2.5 mm needles (always check your gauge and change needle size if needed).

Approx 44 rows and 36 stitches to 10 x 10 cm.

We have photographed these in natural light to best capture the colours. They may appear differently on different monitors.

More about Strand Superfine Yarn:

“Strand is a unique yarn was developed at the Wool Research Institute that combined the softness of the mohair from Angora goats with the strength of fine Corriedale wool. The Corriedale wool enhances the lustre of the mohair in a way that other wools couldn’t. The yarn is a worsted spin (rather than a wooly spin) which gives a yarn that will wear extremely well, whether it is being taken through canvas numerous times while stitching or can be worn as a knitted garment for a long time with minimal pilling.

The yarn was initially developed as an embroidery thread used in needlepoint and crewel embroidery but its use spread to weaving and knitting.”

And you can read more about the Strand story on their website here.


Additional information

Weight .051 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 4 cm

011 Totara Red A, 012 Totara Red B, 013 Totara Red C, 014 Totara Red D, 015 Totara Red E, 021 Totara Blue A, 022 Totara Blue B, 023 Totara Blue C, 024 Totara Blue D, 025 Totara Blue E, 041 Rimu Rose A, 042 Rimu Rose B, 043 Rimu Rose C, 044 Rimu Rose D, 045 Rimu Rose E, 071 Matai Navy A, 072 Matai Navy B, 073 Matai Navy C, 074 Matai Navy D, 075 Matai Navy E, 081 Matai Blue A, 082 Matai Blue B, 083 Matai Blue C, 084 Matai Blue D, 085 Matai Blue E, 091 Hebe Purple A, 092 Hebe Purple B, 093 Hebe Purple C, 094 Hebe Purple D, 095 Hebe Purple E, 111 Hebe Blue A, 112 Hebe Blue B, 113 Hebe Blue C, 114 Hebe Blue D, 115 Hebe Blue E, 121 Hebe Mauve A, 122 Hebe Mauve B, 123 Hebe Mauve C, 124 Hebe Mauve D, 125 Hebe Mauve E, 140 Miro Brown, 141 Miro Brown A, 142 Miro Brown B, 143 Miro Brown C, 144 Miro Brown D, 145 Miro Brown E, 151 Miro Olive A, 152 Miro Olive B, 153 Miro Olive C, 154 Miro Olive D, 155 Miro Olive E, 171 Ngaio Violet A, 172 Ngaio Violet B, 173 Ngaio Violet C, 174 Ngaio Violet D, 175 Ngaio Violet E, 191 Manuka Grey A, 192 Manuka Grey B, 193 Manuka Grey C, 194 Manuka Grey D, 195 Manuka Grey E, 201 Manuka Blue A, 202 Manuka Blue B, 203 Manuka Blue C, 204 Manuka Blue D, 205 Manuka Blue E, 251 Tawa Olive A, 252 Tawa Olive B, 253 Tawa Olive C, 254 Tawa Olive D, 255 Tawa Olive E, 271 Tawa Green A, 272 Tawa Green B, 273 Tawa Green C, 274 Tawa Green D, 275 Tawa Green E, 301 Puriri Lime A, 302 Puriri Lime B, 303 Puriri Lime C, 304 Puriri Lime D, 305 Puriri Lime E, 311 Puriri Green A, 312 Puriri Green B, 313 Puriri Green C, 314 Puriri Green D, 315 Puriri Green E, 331 Puriri Blue A, 332 Puriri Blue B, 333 Puriri Blue C, 334 Puriri Blue D, 335 Puriri Blue E, 361 Rata Scarlet A, 362 Rata Scarlet B, 363 Rata Scarlet C, 364 Rata Scarlet D, 365 Rata Scarlet E, 371 Rata Crimson A, 372 Rata Crimson B, 373 Rata Crimson C, 374 Rata Crimson D, 375 Rata Crimson E, 381 Rata Red A, 382 Rata Red B, 383 Rata Red C, 384 Rata Red D, 385 Rata Red E, 386 Rata Red F, 391 Puka Peacock A, 392 Puka Peacock B, 393 Puka Peacock C, 394 Puka Peacock D, 395 Puka Peacock E, 411 Puka Green A, 412 Puka Green B, 413 Puka Green C, 414 Puka Green D, 415 Puka Green E, 421 Puka Turquoise A, 422 Puka Turquoise B, 423 Puka Turquoise C, 424 Puka Turquoise, 424 Puka Turquoise D, 425 Puka Turquoise E, 431 Kauri Gold A, 432 Kauri Gold B, 433 Kauri Gold C, 434 Kauri Gold D, 435 Kauri Gold E, 441 Tainui Sunshine A, 442 Tainui Sunshine B, 443 Tainui Sunshine C, 444 Tainui Sunshine D, 445 Tainui Cream, 445 Tainui Sunshine E, 451 Tainui Yellow A, 452 Tainui Yellow B, 453 Tainui Yellow C, 454 Tainui Yellow D, 455 Tainui Yellow E, 461 Tainui Apricot A, 462 Tainui Apricot B, 463 Tainui Apricot C, 464 Tainui Apricot D, 465 Tainui Apricot E, 481 Titoki Gold A, 482 Titoki Gold B, 483 Titoki Gold C, 484 Titoki Gold D, 485 Titoki Gold E, 492 Titoki Pink B, 494 Titoki Pink D, 501 Almost White A, 502 Almost White B, 503 Almost White C, 504 Almost White D, 505 Almost White E, 506 Almost White F, 507 Almost White G, 511 Almost Black A, 512 Almost Black B, 513 Almost Black C, 514 Almost Black D, 515 Almost Black E, 516 Almost Black F, 517 Almost Black G, 601 All Black, 611 Pohutukawa Red

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