DMC Eco Vita Crewel Thread

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DMC Eco Vita Crewel Thread is a 100% organic, crewel wool embroidery thread that gets its rich colour palette entirely from natural dyes.


DMC Eco Vita Crewel Thread is a 100% organic, crewel wool embroidery thread that gets its rich colour palette entirely from natural dyes.

This 100% organic non–mulesed wool has been dyed using infusions of completely natural ingredients such as walnut, rhubarb, indigo and juniper. You can choose from over 60 luminous shades. From soft neutrals to bold vibrant hues, the natural dyes give the thread a gently mottled appearance that adds a touch of authenticity and organic beauty to your makes.

Organic wool is a responsible alternative to conventional wool. It adheres to high standards that guarantee farming conditions, respect
animals, the planet and people.

Its even thickness and gentle twist make it perfect for hand embroidery, cross stitching, punch needle, weaving and mending. DMC Eco Vita Crewel Thread is used as a single strand, and cannot be divided. It is approximately the same thickness as three strands of DMC Mouliné Spécial.

The DMC design team has worked closely with a specialist in natural dyes to create an impressive and extensive palette of 60 colours for DMC Eco Vita.

  • Dyeing the tops themselves rather than the spun thread guarantees better colour resistance.DMC Eco Vita
  • Every colour is the result of a complex process. Each colour formula is kept for future batches.
  • As with all natural dyes, there might be slight differences from one batch to another.

This thread is Woolmark certified, and has undergone rigorous testing for colourfastness including for light, washing, rubbing and sweating.

Eco Vita 360 is a very versatile thread that is suitable for a wide range of craft techniques. Its fluffy quality adds softness, texture and a three-dimensional quality to needlework.

You can explore its properties as you create stunning embroidery designs, cross-stitch and textural punch needle projects.

Projects can be hand washed at 30 degrees, so it’s ideal for your visible mending, darning, weaving or embellishing cherished textiles.

Product summary

  • Woolmark Certified – Durable, colourfast, fade and sweat resistant
  • 100% organic non-mulesed wool
  • 60 shades 100% natural dyes
  • 16 m/17.5 yd skeins
  • Handwash at 30 degrees

Please note that the colours may appear differently on different monitors.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1 cm

001 Frosted Juniper, 002 French Walnut, 003 Ashen Myrtle, 004 Dried Walnut, 005 Burned Myrtle, 006 Charcoal Myrtle, 101 Henna from the Sands, 102 Copper Catechu, 103 Henna from the Land, 104 Henna from the Plains, 105 Toasted Catechu, 106 Intense Myrtle, 201 Creamy Woald, 202 Vanilla Alder Buckthorn, 203 Lemon Safflower, 204 Rhubarb Compote, 205 Cinnamon Rhubarb, 301 Lychee Madder, 302 Pomelos Safflower, 303 Papaya Madder, 304 Mango Cutch, 305 Passion Madder, 306 Safflower Cedar, 401 Jasmine Cochineal, 402 Magnolia Cochineal, 403 Lotus Cochineal, 404 Althea Cochineal, 405 Hydrangea Cochineal, 406 Peony Madder, 407 Aster Cochineal, 408 Colchicum Madder, 409 Clematis Cochineal, 410 Heather Cochineal, 501 Imperial Madder, 502 Fiery Madder, 503 Cardinal Madder, 504 Vermeil Madder, 505 Ruby Madder, 601 Baltic Indigo, 602 Mist Indigo, 603 Abyssinian Myrtle, 604 Sky Indigo, 605 Azure Indigo, 606 Overseas Myrtle, 607 Night Indigo, 608 Navy Indigo, 609 Arctic Indigo, 610 Ocean Indigo, 611 Cloud Indigo, 612 Storm Indigo, 701 Soft Common Ivy, 702 Lichen Woald, 703 Moss Indigo, 704 Willow Woald, 705 Meadow Indigo, 706 Fern Indigo, 707 Lime Woald, 708 Spruce Indigo, 709 Cypress Indigo, 710 Cedar Woald

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