Silk Garden Sock

Noro Silk Garden Sock is a luxury 40% wool, 25% silk, 25% polyamide, 10% kid mohair  Sport/5 ply weight yarn.

It is beautifully hued and results in wonderful effects through the gentle colour transitions. You can knit, crochet, or even weave with it.

The silk content gives it wonderful sheen and drape. The polyamide adds durability for harder-wearing.

We find that the ‘solid’ colours of Silk Garden Sock Solo make a great foil for the colour variations in its counterpart Silk Garden Sock.

You can work with two different colourways in stripes for great impact!

50 g/100 m per ball
4.5–5.0 mm needles

Knits as 8–10 ply.

We have photographed these in natural light to best represent the colours. These may appear slightly differently on your monitor.

About Noro

I was born and grew up in a place where more great unspoiled nature is left than anywhere else in Japan, so the world of nature is always close. Whether I am aware of it or not, I am inspired by it in many ways

Eisaku Noro

“Noro yarns are known for their vivid hues and unique combinations of colors found in the natural world (think of the red leaves of maples or the cerulean blue of the sky). These colors also tap into the multiplicity of shades found around us. Leaves may appear one shade of green from afar, says Mr. Noro, but in reality they come in countless variations of green. By mixing colors, we can give a more natural feel reminiscent of oceans, mountains, flowers, trees and so on. Noro’s insistence on maintaining the integrity of the dyeing process—taking sufficient time to apply color is crucial—creates these rich, complex hues while reducing ecological impact.  You can read more of the Noro story here.

You can find more details of this yarn, patterns, and project ideas on Ravelry here.

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results