Knit Kits

New and improved Knit Kits are here!

Available in a multitude of funky designs, these ‘Swiss Army knives’ for knitters are must-have tools!

Front Features:
3-digit row counter with magnified numbers
Retracting 150 cm/5ft long tape measure
Double-ended crochet hook
Thread cutter
Tapered cable needle

Rear Features:

Needle and hook gauge 1.75-15 mm (US00-19)
Large back compartment containing:
Folding TSA compliant scissors
Large round stitch markers (4)
Small round stitch markers (8)
Locking stitch markers (2)
Point Protectors (2)
Darning Needle

Knit Kits mean your main tools are always close at hand, saving time and frustration!

Improvements over previous versions include an extra digit in the row counter, cable needle, large compartment, wider range on the gauge, better quality stitch markers and in the inclusion of locking stitch markers.

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Showing all 9 results